Julien David Spring/Summer 2013 is v Moroccan, v easy breezy, v guy from Jersey who looks like he’s a wizard, but really just sells whip-its. I’m feeling the waffle knits, the slightly dropped crotch shorts and the whole relaxed, just hanging on the beach, smoking weed in sweaters vibe. You know how guys are talking about how the menswear silhouette is totally changing blah blah blah? Don’t they get that fashion is like drugs and is completely cyclical? Seriously, remember when ecstasy was just called "ecstasy or "X" if you wanted to be a douche about it? And it was actually a lame drug that only lame rappers like Ja Rule rapped about? FAST FORWARD A FEW YEARS AND NOW IT'S MOLLY AND AMAZING AND EVERY RAPPER ON EARTH RAPS ABOUT IT AND DUDES FROM TORONTO ARE ALL ABOUT DOING ECSTASY AGAIN. It feels like dudes have only been really paying attention to fashion and marketing and fashion journalism for, at most, 3 months, right?