In the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKDC) park in Hong Kong, six inflatable sculptures can be found adorning the waterfront, addressing ideas about showcasing public art and the interaction it creates with audiences. Artist Paul McCarthy created this inflatable piece resembling a giant pile of poop, titled "Complex Pile." Unfortunately, due to a hole found in it, combined with bad weather, the piece got deflated

While we wait for "Complex Pile" to come back to life, visitors can still enjoy the rest of "Mobile M+: Inflation!," a (con)temporary sculpture park that includes figures replicating Stonehenge using a pig and other inflatable shapes by international artists from the UK, Korea, Argentina, China, Hong Kong, and the US. The display will be available until June 9 and is the second of Mobile M+'s "Nomadic" series.

[via Designboom]