Chicago is more known for its deep-dish pizzas and dislike of all things Steve Bartman other than being a major fashion hub, but Stock Mfg Co. is trying to change that. The company produces not only its brand of clothes, but collaborates with designers to make their ideas a reality. Because of its direct-from-manufacturer business model, it keeps the high-quality garments it produces at a wallet-friendly price points. 

One thing though, it owns a 45-year old factory where it produces its garments and the machines uses to make clothes are getting old. To keep operations running smooth, upgrades need to be made and new machines need to be purchased. To do this, it's raising money by offering exclusive products only on Kickstarter. Included are shirts, 5-panels, ties, and pocket squares. Do you have your own design? They’ll make that for you too. All proceeds will fun their new collection as well as put money back into the factory. Check out the Stock Mfg Co. Kickstarter page for more.