Roots: Founded by Minoru Nii aka M.Nii in Oahu, HI in 1951. Later revived by Randy Hild and John Moore in 2012.

M.Nii was at ground zero when big wave surfing took off in Hawaii post-WWII. At the time, all surfers had to rock were cutoff sailor pants, which couldn't hold up to the pounding surf of the Makaha break on the island of Oahu. Just off the beach was a small tailor shop called M.Nii that went from repairing torn britches to creating the world's first surf trunks. For the first time, simple twill trunks combined the durability and comfort required to put in full day sessions. Surfers returning to the mainland spread the style far and wide, and a pair of M.Nii's "Mahaka Drowners" became a badge of honor proving you had traveled to surfing's holy land.

Though the story around the original tailor remains mysterious, M.Nii has been revived in recent years to its original glory. Today the brand offers boardshorts that mimic the original Drowners down to the most minute detail, and they sit alongside a full collection of very relaxed clothing. Awesome T-shirts, comfy chinos, and sick vintage inspired surf club jackets will keep you fresh inland, while the Drowners will let you charge all day long.