Mad respect to Palace for recognizing the strength and unfuckwitable legendary status of the Portland Trail Blazers. Palace also deserves props because, for real, dudes are trying to bring back track pants as we speak. And it’s probably gonna happen. If you don’t think of the Blazers team from around 2000-2003 you don’t know shit about true NBA swagger. That team had Damon Stoudamire, Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi Wells and Zach Randolph. THEY FOUND A POUND OF WEED IN STOUDAMIRE’S CRAWLSPACE AND THEY DROPPED THE CHARGES BECAUSE YOU CAN'T JUST VIOLATE THE 4TH AMENDMENT, PLAYER. I know, that’s not the image the NBA was, or is ever trying to foster, but c’mon, if you score 54 points in a NBA game you're above the law, right?