You may be surprised to find out that the planetary images by photographer Adam Kennedy actually originate from shots of fire hydrants on the streets of San Francisco. While some of the planets may resemble Earth, their terrestrial composition seems strange; others are composed of a more unusual palette of colors. Kennedy finds fire hydrants with rusty tops and chipped paint to photograph, then Photoshops the images to look like spherical masses floating in space.

He describes his inspiration and work process: "The fractures in the paint and the formation of rust were guided by our planet’s water cycle and exposure to Earth’s conditions, in the same way that the natural conditions of our solar system guided the formation of the geography of our planet...I believe that art is transformation, and it is a process not a product. The serendipitous nature of my artwork is really an ode to the magnificent chaos from which we are born: we are the product of unguided cosmic transformation."

Visit the project's website here.

[via PetaPixel]