Earlier, we reported that this year's Fashion's Night Out was cancelled, for now. This news was music to the ears' of the SoHo Alliance. The organization released a statement why it disapproved of the event, and cited hooligan behavior amongst underage event-goers.

"For the past several years, the event deteriorated in SoHo as crowds of underage kids showed up to grab the booze that the retailers freely doled out, roamed the streets well past midnight, carousing half-drunk, urinating in our doorways, screaming, trashing and creating general disorder, including the attack on a motorist on Broadway and Bleecker Street last year." The organization said.

The organization stated that Vogue (holders of the yearly event) and editor-in-chief Anna Wintour held contempt for their neighborhood through holding this event.

Do you think the organization has a legitimate beef, or should they chill out, bro?

[via Racked]