Nick Wooster might be a #menswear god to some, but he's also senior vice president of product development and design for one of America's largest retailers, JC Penney. Fashion publication, WWD held a "Men's Wear Summit," where Wooster was a keynote speaker and spoke about future changes for the retail giant. 

However, some members of the audience weren't so enthused by Wooster's vision for JC Penney, as the brand has been in a slump. Wooster answered with, “I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but [we need to] make cute shit."

But Wooster wasn't done there, and replied, “If we have compelling product, people will come into the store. I firmly believe that’s the job of merchants. Am I done yet?”

Yes, we learned something about JC Penney, but we also learned something else—don't cross the "Woost God."

[via WWD]