An awful shave can really ruin your day. From missing a spot and cutting yourself, to ending up with razor burn and ingrown hairs, a lot can go wrong. Plus, drugstores keep the overpriced cartridges under lock and key making buying new razors a pain. You could avoid the situation all together and not shave, but then you'd just be the weird guy with food stuck in his beard. 

Harry's is the answer: the new company has found a way to bring guys quality shaving products without charging an arm-and-leg. The razor blades are manufactured in Germany (from Swedish steel) and feature a lubricating strip enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E that will keep your skin on-point. But, you just don't need a good razor, you need great shave cream, too. Harry's manufactures its skin-nourishing blend right outside of New York City. To top it off, you can grab your first shave set for $15, and extra blades for under $2 each. Visit Harry's website for more information.

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