It looks like Vogue utilized some quick Photoshop skills to remove a distracting pair of pants and scarf from the front row of Jason Wu's Fall 2013 runway show. An audience member was seated wearing a bright neon scarf and matching pants, which Vogue must have deemed too distracting in contrast with the designer's ready-to-wear women's collection. Before posting photos from a collection in which the "palette was controlled—graphic black, white, and lipstick red with a touch of gray," the web editors definitely "desaturated" the vibrant outfit of the blond lady in the background to match the monochromatic clothing on display. 

The editing was first brought to our attention by a tweet from Susan Waits, who compared the Vogue photos to those from TheCut, in which the fan of neon appears in her attention-grabbing look as she intended. The fashion industry and Vogue have had their share of controversy from Photoshopping models and making them even more impossibly idyllic, but this is the first we've heard of a Normal being edited. This ultra-flex move is just the latest example of Vogue's authoritative voice influencing the way women dress, whether they know it or not.