What the fuck? Who the fuck is this scumbag with this 5 head drinking a god damned mimosa with his 60-year-old Russian prostitute eerily peering into the camera at what is DEFINITELY Miami Beach? Tell me how this dude’s forehead is so big he can literally have three full, Christian names in size 32 Impact font scribed across it. What the fuck is this even about? The fuck is a #yungchateaulord? How did that name even fucking transpire? I would like to know which one of these guys called their grandmother in Florida and convinced her that it was a good idea to let him and a couple of his Internet friends stay at the Chateau Villa Del Mar or whatever they call those retirement joints. Am I supposed to actually buy some photos? The same exact photos that I can "save image as" off of their Tumblrs and throw in Photoshop to blow up to 1400x1728 and frame and hang on my wall, so when some chick I meet from the Internet comes over to my mom's attic I can get 3/4 a blowjob? Fuck that noise. You know what, just fuck these guys in general, tricking everyone into sending them on luxurious selfie excursions across the globe. FUCK ALL YOU YOUNG DUDES OUT HERE EATING. I HATE ALL OF YOU. See you guys on the 17th, assuming you have a liquor sponsor.