How long have you been a buyer and how did you get into it?
I have been buying for something like 15 years...damn! I first started at Union in NYC....it just kind of happened organically. It was a small store and everyone there (all 3 of us) had the forum to offer their opinion. We would all look at a line and talk about what we liked, what we could sell, what we thought was dope. Over time, I just assumed the role. Probably a combination of seniority and success.

What is your favorite seasonal collection buy of all time?
Fuck! There are so many, that is kind of a crazy question. I am not too good at looking back at collections...I know some people are very nostalgic about stuff like that...like the seminal Raf collections of the late 90's and shit. I am better at certain pieces. That said, one collection that stands out is the first season of Visvim's "G Line". They did these hand washed camo Gortex Jackets that were pretty sick. I almost bankrupt the store by buying too many. We did OK with them but they didn't sell like I expected. Nowadays, those jackets are collector's items and every time I wear mine, people try and buy it off my back, even people who aren't Visvim fans....kind of craze....

What brand's collection are you looking forward to getting most for SS13?
Well, I was blown away by the SS13 Thom Browne collection. It is very directional and kind of loud and bright. I always try and have a little more fun for Spring/Summer seasons and they definitely had fun. We will also be getting Carven men's and Michael Bastian for the first time. I am excited to see how those collections are received. We kind of went HAM on Cash Ca for spring and Visvim is always strong for us.

What advice would you give other buyers just starting out?
Same advice I give all the time..."Do You". At the end of the day you have to live with your selections and if you buy shit that you believe in, it makes it a lot easier to sell than if you buy stuff that you don't believe in. My trick is to try and put myself in the role of the consumer. If I walked into a store and saw this piece at this price, would I buy it?