In Hyper Activity: Scenes From An Other Reality, artist John Rainey presents porcelain sculptures that pose a question to all of us living between the physical and digital in our everyday being. His process follows a similar path as he begins with a photographic image, transforms it to create a virtual model, then 3D-prints prototypes to ultimately be cast in porcelain. Rainey's vision focuses on the multiple identities that people seem to create in the digital world we engage in, with online social media and other forms of interaction. As we increasingly live amongst these many senses of self, the artist presents "sculptural hyperbodies and prosthetic others" that represent the growing ambiguity of what exists as our true self. His sculptures speak of the mutable aspects of constructing multiple notions of self-identity, and of the human position in the midst of realities.

The exhibition is on display through March 16 at the Marsden Woo Gallery in London.

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[via Designboom]