Fashion and art have long been connected industries, but now there is new reason: a former fashion publicist has allegedly stole a Salavador Dalí painting. Phivos Lampros Istavriglou, a 29-year-old former international press officer at Moncler, allegedly stole a $150,000 Dalí painting entitled, "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio," from a New York City gallery last June.

Istavriglou brought the painting back to Athens, Greece, and then shipped it back to the United States in a cardboard tube to its rightful owner, his Attorney said.

This past Saturday, the former publicist was apprehended by New York City police as he got off a flight from Milan. NYPD had traced his finger print backs to a stolen case of Whole Foods steak.

But what was the motive behind the robbery? Istavriglou stated that he wanted to alert a momentary lapse in security, he told the New York Post. Yeah, sure buddy.

[via Esquire]