We've seen plenty of Japanese brands come correct with mountaineering gear that fuses performance and technique with the kooky aesthetic climbers are known for. But the pickings have always been slim for us stateside. Luckily, AXS Folk Technology is a new brand that utilizes mountain-ready tech with a rich aesthetic, and will make sure you stand out without harshing any vibes. 

Equal parts performance and folksy Western wear, this is a brand that reminds us of Visvim, Kapital, and Mt. Rainier Design. At the moment, it's a narrow niche that AXS Folk Technology is gunning for, but we're confident that this look isn't as widespread as it should be simply because there aren't many domestic brands catering to this style. If you're outdoorsy nerds like us, you'll breathe a sigh of relief and put down the obscure Japanese mountain climbing magazine to click through this AW13 collection from AXS Folk Technology. Remember the name when you're getting ready to strap up for the hills and the streets next winter.