The hypebeast thirst is realer than ever in the fashion world nowadays. Coveted pieces aren't just ones you catch your favorite athlete wearing or something you saw in your favorite store's window. They can be blown out of proportion and dead-horsed by anyone and everyone from your actual celebrities to Instagram stars. The shit has gotten out of hand. So how do you keep yourself from dressing like a hypebeast?

While there are certain brands that connote the hypebeast tag because their wares are top notch and people with the hype gene in their DNA are drawn to it, some deserve that same recognition, but don't get it for one reason or another. If a brand is too new, or doesn't have the celebrity endorsements, or it's just a classic that falls under the radar. For whatever reason, there are great brands that you can still rock these days that will look good and keep you from looking like a walking Internet-approved billboard. Hop on before everyone else does, these are the 10 Brands That Won't Make You Look Like A Hypebeast.