A chambray shirt? In 2013? YOU FUCKING BETTER BELIEVE IT. Why this particular shirt and this particular stockist? Because Arrow and Arrow styled it cholo-style and cholo style is better than that Jordan-Catalano-wearing-it-around-your-waist-because-you-are-too-afraid-to-just-nut-up-and-wear-a-man-skirt style. I wear my shirts ON my body. The only thing round my waist is your chick’s legs. BOOM. That is probably the most belligerent I’ll ever get, but I wanted to try and write like James the intern since one time he tried to write like me. Working at Four Pins is like that creative writing class you never took in college because it was a creative writing class. WE WORKSHOP IDEAS AND BY "WORKSHOP IDEAS" I MEAN, ASK EACH OTHER WHAT SWEAR WORDS TO USE.