This year's flu outbreak is no joke. With New York Fashion Week around the corner, fashion industry folks have broke out into a mild panic. Fashion week events involve many close quarters situations such as runway shows and exclusive parties. Plus, (potentially) malnourished models most likely don't have the strongest immune systems, but that's mere speculation. There's also this weird kiss both cheeks greeting that insiders like to do. Maybe it's a European thing.

“This will be the season where everyone in fashion becomes mysteriously nonaffectionate,” says Laura Brown, executive editor of Harper’s Bazaar.

Besides a fear of the flu, there is also a lurking norovirus (stomach bug) that event-goers will have to deal with. With symptoms such as instant diarrhea, projectile vomiting, and the chance of whooping cough, there's the likeliness that recipients of this sickness will experience more than an "upset tummy."

Spread of the flu and norovirus in fashion circles may be more than just a guessing game. “Fashion people are at risk for a variety of viral syndromes because they work long hours and they move in a pack,” says Dr. Robert Glatter, a fashion industry physician.

We're not saying that you need to miss out on this season's hot shows. Just be careful and evaluate how much you want to get sick. That's all.

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