One of Comme des Garçons' greatest accomplishments is completely changing the staid notions of what a clothing brand could be. Before Rei Kawakubo came along, no one thought a single brand could ever command and combine the worlds of fashion, art, and culture. The company shocked the fashion world in its beginning years, and continues to shake up the industry every time they make moves that are still unexpectedly fresh.

One of the domains beyond fashion that Comme des Garçons has dominated since their inception is advertising. Through the years, the brand partnered with super talented artists and photographers to create ads that were simultaneously weird, beautiful, and usually did not even showcase the clothing. The complete catalogue is massive, so we chose 25 of our favorite ads. No metric other than awesomeness could be used to gauge these ads, so click through and enjoy The 25 Most Awesome COMME des GARÇONS Ads.