Country music doesn't get much shine here on Complex, but go back a few years and the leading men of this genre were some of the freshest looking guys making big moves. Originating in the dirty South, country was very much about the people and for the people. Its subject matter ranged from the simple pleasures of life to social rebellion to fast living, and the leading men were dressed as diversely and as awesomely as the music.

Whether these OG rockstars were wearing simple but functional garb that was typical of its blue collar audience, or colorful suits that matched their celebration of life, or somber dark clothing that expressed their outlaw nature, country music gave rise to some of the most colorful personalities and senses of style we've ever seen in music. Currently, it seems like all country stars are trying to look like cheesy Hollywood stars, which is a shame but wasn't always the case. We looked past the Taylor Swifts and the Tim McGraws to find The 10 Most Stylish Country Singers of All Time.