This should have been made a long time ago. A team from MIT decided to invent a new ketchup container that will make smacking the bottom of the bottle a thing of the past. People hoping to complement their cheeseburger or hot dog will rejoice when the sauce flows without with ease. The ketchup moves quickly through the bottle thanks to a substance named LiquiGlide, which is non-toxic and FDA-approved for food packaging.

Although people have been dealing with the torment of ketchup bottles for ages, engineers and nanotechnology researchers took only two months to create the updated design. The container not only saves us effort, but it also saves us from waste. Oddly enough, representatives of the project estimate that one million tons of ketchup that have been thrown out could have been saved with the containers. Not only will the spray help ketchup, but it may also help packaging for other hard-to-pour substances like mayonnaise and honey. The way we pour our condiments may change forever.

[via ABCNews]