Each portfolio review we do exposes us to artists across mediums with impressive visions for their work. In the case of photographer Steven Taylor, it's attention to subtle details and an awareness of his subjects' relation to their environment. Through it all, the work is compositionally simple yet contains a wealth of meaning.

Steven has been on our radar for a while; he was one of our 20 Creatives to Follow on Instagram and gave the advice "Keep good company" in our How to Make It: 10 Rules for Success From Freelance Photographers feature. He shoots a lot of musicians, capturing their essence during moments of joy, vulnerability, or introspection. Maybe his skill partly comes from the fact that he was once a musician himself and knows the intricacies of the career from both personal and professional standpoints. Regardless, he keeps all of his portraits—no matter who he's shooting—honest and raw.

Whether photographing a Jay-Z concert, the cast of Glee, or John Mayer tattooing himself, there's something unique to be seen and learned from his images. Check out this Portfolio Review: Photographer Steven Taylor Shares His Favorite Music Portraits to see what we mean.