Famed photographer, Juergen Teller, who made #9 on our list of The 50 Greatest Fashion Photographers Right Now, has an exciting new show on the way at London's ICA. Titled Woo, the exhibition affirms Teller's place as one of the greatest artists alive today—one who's changed the genre of fashion photography, reinvigorated the brands he's shot for, and successfully maintained a career in both the commercial and fine art worlds. 

Woo will feature images Teller has taken since the '80s of iconic figures such as Lily Cole, Kate Moss, and Vivienne Westwood, including many models whose careers he launched simply by photographing them. It will also have images taken from a more personal place, which include family photographs, in addition to ads he's shot for Marc Jacobs over the years. 

Visit the exhibition from January 23 to March 17, 2013 at ICA.

[via HUH]