Last week, we posted about artist Liu Bolin who's known for being the "Invisible Man" and camouflaging himself into various places (without Photoshop). We were already impressed that he's continuing his journey for the "Hiding in the City" project at Galerie Paris-Beijing, but now we've learned that he's completed a high-profile collaboration with Valentino for a camouflage collection of shoes, bags, jackets, scarfs, shirts, and wallets. While camo may be what's popular right now, Bolin's interpretation is slightly more nuanced and unique.

Of the collaboration, which Bolin staged a live performance for earlier this month, he says:

"Disappearing amongst the mannequins and the clothes in store was like going back to my artistic roots. For my performance series of photographs Hiding in the City, I had originally chosen to wear a military uniform, then for various reasons, I decided on a Maoist uniform. During the Valentino in-store event, I wore the trousers from that uniform; shoes and jacket were instead from the Valentino camouflage collection. These pieces reminded me of a time when I had considered entering into a military career, which I then abandoned for my artistic vocation."

[via DesignBoom]