GOLD ALL IN MY CHAIN. GOLD ALL IN MY WATCH. GOLD ALL IN MY POLAROID. Do you lament the passing of film? Do you long for days of subtle warmth and waiting to get photos developed? Do you hate fuel efficient cars and MP3s? Have you guys ever noticed how people who cling to outmoded technology always say it’s "warmer"? I LOVE FIRES TOO, BUT CENTRAL HEAT JUST GETS THE JOB DONE EASIER, BRUH. Anywho, there’s only like 35 of these Trinidad James edition Polaroid cameras in existence, so it’s probably sold out, but at least we hooked you up with some photos to post on Tumblr captioned with some sweet rap lyrics about gold. Even the frames of the photos are gold! GOLD ALL IN MY STUBBORN INABILITY TO EMBRACE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY.