I know it’s cold and slushy out where at least some of you live, and I know canvas shoes are the last thing on your mind, but hear me out. Unless you insist on wearing shitty canvas shoes year round just because, like, fuck your toes, frostbite rules, in which case you can stop reading. Instead of shitty canvas shoes, get some ill ones. Shoes Like Pottery makes vulcanized rubber soled shoes which involves next level artsy shit like firing sneakers in a kiln. Hence the name, Shoes Like Pottery, DUH. Pottery is gonna be big in 2013, I’m telling you. For what it's worth, I enjoy a literal name. I also enjoy the simple sneaker. You can imagine how important I think this post. When it comes to canvas sneaks you can never really have enough. Well, you can, but it’s like chicken nuggets. I could have a six piece and be perfectly satiated. But why not have 20? THEY ARE SO GOOD. I LOVE NUGGZ.