it's not easy being such a stylish person and A$AP Rocky knows this. Although anything the Harlem native dons instantly gets reposted throughout the interwebs, Rocky feels misunderstood. The emcee sat down with Rolling Stone and discussed common misconceptions about his style. "I feel misunderstood about my art. I feel misunderstood about my fashion. Let's start there," Rocky said. "I wore a long shirt in the "Fuckin' Problem" video, and people were saying that I wore dresses."

Not only does Rocky feel misunderstood about the clothes that he wears, but also the image that he has created for himself. "Then there's my image: the gold teeth and the braids. People say he's from Harlem, but he looks like he from Houston, or he looks like he's from Cleveland, or from Cali," Rocky told the magazine.

Still, Rocky feels that fashion and style are important to every person, and it complements his musical persona: "Fashion goes with everything in life, because we're human beings and we have to get dressed. Whether we like it or not, we're institutionalized with fashion. We all have to get dressed one pant leg at a time. People have a sixth sense when it comes to fashion, and I think it compliments the music – especially when it comes to music videos." 

This goes to prove that it's not easy being a trendsetter. However, with much success comes much criticism. They tend to go hand-in-hand. Keep your head up Rocky, you're doing something right.

[via Rolling Stone]