Artist David Choe is known for doing whatever the hell he wants. In 2012, he became a millionaire off of Facebook stock and went on a subsequent spiritual journey, making it a year less about his art and more about him taking a break.

Yesterday, he released a video on his Facebook showing him doing a drum solo to Kendrick Lamar's verse on A$AP Rocky's "Fuckin' Problems" with the caption "bring your problems to maybe we can solve them." While it may seem like a normal nine-second clip of Choe continuing to show us his extremities and other talents, it's actually a promotion for his new online radio show with Asa Akira, DVDASA. The weekly podcast is meant to give people practical advice about life...and other things. 

We hope that Choe's venture into podcasts and collaborating with RZA last December means that he will be back to more painting and art in the near future.