It's official. Ralph Lauren is bringing back the Polo Bear Sweater. The re-release will be the first of its "Bring It Back" series—a specially curated list of iconic items from past collections.

As the story goes, the original Polo Bear—a teddy bear wearing a signature RL Western outfit—was created as a birthday gift for Ralph Lauren by his staff in the early days of the brand. Lauren was impressed with the idea and it became a birthday tradition. The designer eventually made the collectibles available to customers, albeit only a few were able to get their hands on them due to the price. Lauren wanted the concept to be accessible to more people, though, so designed the Polo Bear Sweater, which was first released in 1991. Since then, the knit has been worn by just about everybody (what's up Kanye West?).

The "Bring It Back" program gives customers the chance to vote for which items make it into production. So if you've got a favorite bear, head over to the RL Vintage website now to make your pick. Keep your eye out for the release.

[via RL vintage]