Gap, once the epitome of American fast-fashion, has fallen into a slump in recent years. Many can point to an over-saturated market, unappealing designs, or more so, a brand that needed to change. However, with the rise of other fast-fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo, Gap found that it needed to redefine itself in today's market.

The mall-based brand adopted the slogan "Be Bright," not merely a marketing campaign but a new philosophy on style. Collections still contained staples of chinos, sweaters, and button-down shirts, but pops of color were introduced into outfits to lively up their assembly. The brand does not view itself as disposable, cheap, soon-to-be replaced fashion, instead it feels that Americans want and need affordable go-to garments. Also, Gap has focused on making a splash in the social media market behind a strong Twitter and Instagram presence. 

The former fashion heavyweight has also tried to establish itself in recent years via collaborations with the likes of Mister Freedom, Street Etiquette, and Hypebeast—to regain its footing in the growing menswear market. What do you think of Gap's reemergence? Will you start checking for the brand for more than discounted selvedge denim? Some of the new stuff looks decent, but only time will tell if America is ready for Gap again.

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