Japan has been known to bring out the most game changing products on the market. In development for two (smelly) years, Sieren’s DEOEST underwear has been a hit in the Land of the Rising Sun. Made to be used for nursing care and hospital wards, the underwear has found most of its fans coming from the general public due to its flatulence masking abilities. The underwear is constructed with “niff-absorbing ceramic particles in the material fibers.” Think of it as the Dri-FIT for bad odor.

We thought the day would never come when we don’t have to worry about accidental gas leaks at the conference table. Thanks to Japan, you are now free to crop-dust wherever you please. And of course women are going to say they won’t need this, because we all know their farts smell like rainbows and lollipops. What do you think of this new innovative accessory? Would you wear them?

[via nydailynews]