Andy Warhol has had a massive influence on many people, artists and art enthusiasts alike. Many of his works are now recognized as iconic pieces of pop art, including self-portraits of the artist himself. Thank You Andy Warhol is a new book by Catherine Johnson, containing interviews with artists and friends who thank Andy for his impact in their lives. 

When Johnson found herself in a creative slump in the middle of the 2011 economic depression, she asked herself, "What would Andy do?" She became inspired to launch a project and ask some others the same—as a means of getting to know more about not only Warhol himself, but also the interviewees. She contacted 72 people to explore how Andy Warhol has impacted the world through his life and work. The interviewees who participated in the Thank You Andy Warhol project include designers, poets, writers, photographers, actors, museum curators, and more. Some notable interviewees are designer Betsey Johnson, Andy’s nephew James (Jamie) Warhola, and actress and singer Liza Minnelli.

While some interviewees personally knew Andy, not all of them did. Nevertheless, his art affected their lives creatively and otherwise. Each interviewee was asked the same set of questions and to pick a single piece of Warholian art that particularly resonates with them. The interviews, some transcribed and some directly written by the interviewee, are published alongside an image of the chosen piece of inspirational art. Flipping back and forth through 72 different accounts of a single man’s life and work will help any reader get a fresh look at the multifaceted talent and character of Andy Warhol. Thank you, Catherine Johnson, and thank you, Andy Warhol.

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© Thank You Andy Warhol by Catherine Johnson
Published by Glitterati Incorporated, 2012
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