The Complex 40 is where we share 20 things we're big-upping right now, and 20 things we can't stand—say it with us: Props Over HereFuck Outta Here. Check out this week's ups and downs below—the Hurricane Sandy edition.

Props Over Here

1. Candlelit dinners by choice
2. The comforting rumble of the MTA underfoot
3. Wine bottles that look as good as they taste
4. Making legit meals using only bodega ingredients
5. When a catastrophe brings a team together
6. Anything so bad, it's good
7. Flexing with cologne bonus gifts like you really went to the leather goods section on YSL and bought a toiletries bag
8. Telling kids you saved them from cavities by not giving them candy
9. Using your dog as a foot warmer
10. The NYPD regulating a pitch-black lower Manhattan
11. Timbs weather back
12. Catching up on TV shows because you're working from home
13. Renter's insurance
14. Imagining the possibility of living on Mars one day
15. More Star Wars movies in 2015
16. Stocking up on string cheese in case of emergencies
17. Breastaurants
18. Businesses being nicer to the public post-Sandy
19. Arrow being a consistently good comic-based TV show
20. Wearing sweatsuits all week and still being considered stylish

F**k Outta Here

1. Candlelit dinners because of circumstance
2. Giving hurricanes cute human names like "Sandy"
3. Having a power outage hit when all your undergarments are in the process of being laundered
4. New York City being underwater
5. Parents who watch all Sandy-related news and automatically assume you're always in a troubled area 
6. Having to commute by foot because you have no choice
7. The inability to shower daily
8. Maniac cops
9. Losing your expensive gelato to a non-working freezer
10. Hurricanes named after your ex-girlfriend
11. NBA players who ruin Air Jordans
12. Halloween being less fun this year on account of natural disasters
13. Cabin fever
14. People who still think blackface is O.K.
15. Catching up on a week's worth of e-mails
16. Not taking numerous warnings about storm safety seriously
17. Having to get dressed in the dark
18. Your commute to work being more like a journey
19. Eating nothing but canned goods for a week
20. People who say Sandy was God punishing New York