One week ago, the unfolding saga of the NYPD's finest young (alleged) wannabe cannibal, Officer Gilberto Valle III, rocketed through the news like a police-issued 9 mm slug. The 28-year-old seemed like an OK guy on his OKCupid profile but authorities say he was really a closeted monster, with plans to kidnap, rape, kill, cook and eat as many as 100 women. Valle is accused of using law enforcement databases to research his victims as well as offering to kidnap and sell one unsuspecting woman to a co-conspirator for $5,000.

A favorite cop drama cliché is a scene where some diabolical psycho turns to a detective, icy eyes glittering, and says something like, “We're not that different, you and I.” Like most clichés, this comes from real-world observations by many who have found themselves dealing with a particularly dead-eyed member of law enforcement. The blue line between cop and psycho is sometimes scarily thin.

Sometimes there's really no line at all. The cop was a monster who managed to maintain a mask of sanity long enough to get a shield and a gun. Complex has put together examples of 10 maniac cops on the loose—and these are just some of the devils we know.

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Written by Steve Huff (@SteveHuff)