The Complex 40 is where we share 20 things we're big-upping right now, and 20 things we can't stand—say it with us: Props Over HereFuck Outta Here. Check out this week's ups and downs below.

Props Over Here

1. Guy Fieri getting totally ethered in a national newspaper
2. When a party has expensive hors d'oeuvres
3. Ibracadabra
4. Beanie hair eliminating the need for gel or pomade
5. Drinking sodas as an adult
6. Your girl surprising you with a post-work quickie
7. Not having to travel far for the Thanksgiving holiday
8. When you find rare sneakers hanging out in your cubicle
9. Being ready to pay full-price for an item that rings up on super sale
10. A sports car so quiet you don't even know if it's on
11. Jogging outside until the temperatures drop below freezing
12. Fit girls still wearing crop tops in public
13. Building a rapport with a bartender 'til he comps you a shot
14. Pork rinds in mac and cheese 
15. Calling your grandma to say hi
16. Milking the last of pumpkin-flavored anything before it disappears
17. Ordering a hot chocolate with a IDGAF attitude because it's cold as hell
18. Drug dealers helping Sandy victims
19. Handing down swaggy clothes you never wear to your younger cousins
20. Successfully copping a limited-edition sneaker from the Supreme online store

F**k Outta Here

1. Numbers you don't know calling your phone but not leaving a voicemail
2. Acknowledging that Guy Fieri even exists
3. Walking around the office and no one tells you your fly is open
4. Networks renewing lame sitcoms
5. Macking on a girl and you don't realize you have bad breath
6. Every energy drink having the potential to kill you
7. Passing out while camping to buy a fast-fashion collaboration
8. Accidentally tipping too little because you suck at math
9. Your favorite pair of kicks making your feet smell horrible
10. People thinking that your skinny jeans automatically make you a hipster
11. The persistent ugly couple making out next to the bar
12. Andrew Bynum's barber
13. That last bit of struggle toothpaste at the end of the tube
14. Industry parties that only serve shitty beer and cheap wine
15. Theme parks with toilets as the theme
16. Corny rappers throwing @ mentions your way
17. Your girl's post-coital giggling
18. When you have cell phone service but can't access the Internet
19. A truck that's not available in the U.S. winning International Truck of the Year 
20. Slamming your door by accident and your roommates assuming you're pissed off