I don't know what it is, but I've always been attracted to loud button down shirts. Way before everyone and their mother made a camo shirt, I favored bright colors and prints, whether it was coming from Polo, Band of Outsiders, Nepenthes, or Reyn Spooner, they've always had some weird place in my peacock heart. Maybe it's because I actually don't know how to dress myself and hope that wearing stuff like this brings me one step closer to actually being styllish.

Anyway, so it's like cold as hell and I can't exactly rock printed oxfords and polka dot corduroy shirts 24/7, which is why I'm very happy Gitman Vintage went bold this season. With prints ranging from Japanese floral to cheesecake photos of pin-up girls in booty shorts, they certainly went all out when they sourced this season's fabrics. Flannel usually gets a bad rap for being either boring or lumberjack-y, and its rugged cousins chamois and wool tend to get more love in the bold prints department. Not anymore! Flannel's got some balls now. 

The Bolivian Snow Balls shirt combines a pretty thick cotton fabric with a fun all-over print that's actually versatile enough to go with anything. You could also wear it as an overshirt, but with the slimmer fit if you go that route you'd have to size up or resign yourself to rocking it unbuttoned. It's made in the U.S., so you can be about that "supporting the American worker" life without looking like you stepped out of a L.L. Bean catalog or Brawny paper towel logo. 

The Gitman Vintage Bolivian Snow Balls shirt is $180 and available at Need Supply.