It was only a matter of time before the vandal who defaced the Mark Rothko painting titled Black on Maroon on Sunday at the Tate Modern would be arrested. The 26-year-old man wrote "Vladimir Umanets '12 / A Potential Piece of Yellowism" on the bottom right corner of the painting with a black marker and got away before security could detain him. That day, he spoke to The Guardian about his intentions and what he expected the repercussions to be.

As of yesterday evening, he has been arrested according to the Metropolitan Police. While the public has been calling him Vladimir Umanets, writer Holly Knowlman decoded the name to be an anagram for "I am true vandalism." Regardless of his name, intentions, or movement, he has now been detained, yet we can imagine there will still be more aftermath that plays out.

[via Hyperallergic]