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The collaboration has been oft-maligned lately, but this effort from Mission Workshop and Taylor Stitch makes a case for its continued existence. The Dearborn Overshirt features super technical fabric and luxurious snaps. That’s right, luxurious snaps, folks. Schoeller fabric is gonna be the next chambray, real talk. You know what else kills about this shirt? PIT VENTS, SON. That shit is so key and such an underrated design detail. Instead of saying I’m overweight, I tell people “I run hot." Translation: PIT VENTS KEEP ME COMFY and you already know that comfy equals confidence. The fabric is water repellant and also stain repellant, which means when your homie throws a negroni all over your shit in a fit of exuberant gesticulations, you can just fucking David Blaine that stain and come out of that situation with a free drink and a clean shirt.