With October 31 just around the corner, it's easy to be distracted by last minute costume preparations and shooting pumpkins with your handgun, but answer me this, what's your deal for Halloween?

If it's drunken debauchery you're looking for, the streets should provide plenty of hellish opportunities for you to pursue, but if you're anything like us, you're tired of all the bar hopping and paying for expensive cover charges. When it comes to down to it, the only thing you really need to remember about Halloween is: it's all about the females.

So why not invite them to your crib for an evening they won't forget? Spit some game, talk your shit. Welcome to the house party, party. In order to pull off this particular soiree, you'll need to gather a few of the essentials: beer, wine and liquor, but we've also collected a list of goodies we feel will enhance any monster mash attached to your name. From skull lamps to bloody wall paper, check out the 15 Must-Have Items for This Year's Halloween Party.