You wouldn’t use a weed whacker to snip a delicate flower, nor would you try to trim a hedge with a pair of scissors. The Braun cruZer Face is the all-in-one shaver that has you covered when it comes to all phases and styles of beard, providing both rugged strength and a delicate touch.

You need this, gents. Whether it’s a full beard, a pencil-thin chin-strap, an ironic moustache, or a non-ironic moustache, facial hair as a general style concept has not been this in since we were riding around in Model Ts. Thankfully, the tools for maintaining said facial hair, whatever the look, have advanced considerably since the days of sleeve garters and monocles (although those may be coming back soon, so stay posted).

Click here for more information on the Braun cruZer Face. When it comes to your beard, you cannot afford to be caught off guard.