Better known as HENSE, Alex Brewer specializes in abstract, gestural graffiti. His murals blend manic marks, scribbles, drips, splashes, and organic shapes. The works are, most certainly, encounters between artist and surface. Often, HENSE will destroy portions of the painting with which he is dissatisfied. His process, ultimately, gives personality to pieces which roughly tread the line between fine art and street art.

Spray, Brewer's forthcoming exhibition at Atlanta's Sandler Hudson Gallery, will present new works on paper and paintings on wood. Though small in scale, these pieces are inspired by HENSE's treatment of large scale walls. The same layering and luminous pastels are employed to equal effect.

Spray will run from September 14 through October 20, 2012.

Sandler Hudson Gallery, 009-A Marietta Street NW Atlanta, GA