According to the Daily Mail, these are the first confirmed pictures of famed UK street artist, Banksy. Before he became the world's most evasive guerrilla artist, Banksy was rumored to play goalie for a Bristol-based football club, the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls. It was reported that in 2001, Banksy joined the club on tour in Mexico where he played against a team of Mexican freedom fighters. In between games, Banksy would paint murals depicting his opponents struggle of independence. These original photos would go on to be featured in the book "Freedom Through Football: The Story of the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls". While Banksy's photos were pixelated to protect his anonymity, the collection of imagery found in the pages of the book provides a rare look at the artist's first mural designs and a glimpse of his identity. 

[via DesignTaxi]