Our brethren over at Complex pulled together a Nepenthes themed editorial for the August/September issue. Man, it must be awesome to have an actual budget, huh? But just because we're broke over here at Four Pins doesn't mean we can't enjoy the editorial fruits of our Czar's labors. We heap so much praise upon Nepenthes and, at the risk of having it start to sound like a bunch of platitudes, we're going to hit you with some more. These guys just get it. What's it? Some mystical combination of brand identity and styling and just perfectly executing everything they decide to bless us, the consumer, with. Our hats are always firmly off when it comes to Nepenthes and the truly extraordinary gentlemen behind it. Oh yeah, if you see a bunch of dudes in ski masks and really nice shoes robbing a bank, look the other way. No one needs to get hurt.