Denim & Supply Safari Print Tee
Buy It Now at Macy's, $60 

Denim & Supply Jeans, Slouch Fit
Buy It Now at Macy's, $90

Denim & Supply Military Ripstop Backpack
Buy It Now at Macy's, $125

A new line from Ralph Lauren, Denim & Supply takes its inspiration from workwear and obscure Japanese streetwear labels like Visvim and designers like Junya Watanabe—which makes it awesome. Tie-dye tees and patchwork camo shirts pair together with tribal-print accented M-65 jackets, ripstop backpacks, and worn-in jeans, creating a look that's equal parts stylish and tough. Sure, you can buy it online... but if you wanna find it in stores, you're going to have to go to Macy's. That's right, the department store is the only place to find the cool collection.