Technodrome"You can't do what I do without knowing how to draw. I feel like I did all that training in college to get to this point. To get nice at tracing or whatever [Laughs]. You still have to make choices on what lines you're gonna use. Like how thick, how thin; shit like that. You can't do what I can do. You can try but it won't look like my shit.


"You can't do what I can do, you can try but it won't look like my shit."


"I've always liked Frank Miller and Jim Lee comics and I always tried to copy their style. Some people are like, "Yo, you can't do that, that's cheating, that's biting." But now as an adult I realize that I do that unconsciously with stuff I like and it comes out in my work and I'm not even trying to copy somebody. I see something that I think is fly, it stays in my mind and it comes out. That's the part about being an artist that people don't realize, like kids that think tracing some stuff is wrong. I think once you get over that hump, you become more than what you were before. You can call yourself an artist.

"I wanted to be a comic book artist. I used to copy the X-Men and all that shit when I was young. That shit made me realize that I didn't want to be a comic book artist [Laughs]. My earlier digital stuff was a lot more simpler. The goal was to make flat colors and just have simple lines. I wasn't trying to use too many colors and wasn't aiming for depth. I used to try to be like Obey because I like the simplicity of his style. Then after a while people started liking my shit, so I stopped looking at other people's work and got my own style. I learned the more I do it the more it changes because I get tired of certain styles.

"The color schemes I use can only be explained in one word: Acid [Laughs]. You could put that in there because I don't know why I use these colors. Sometimes the colors vibrate and I wasn't even trying to do that. Like the pieces that look 3-D or with the pieces that have tiles in the background. I don't know why they work. I failed Light Color Design at Pratt, the teacher told me I sucked at it [Laughs]. I wanna show him what I'm doing now.

"I guess I'm a pop artist because people like to put labels on things and that's cool, I'm becoming comfortable with being called that. I mean, they could call me that, but they also say that my style is original. So, I could be known as a "Pop Artist," but I want to be known more for my style.

"It's more of the nostalgia factor. This is stuff from my childhood that I want to keep alive and the things that I see now that are dope to me that I want to make my own. That shit resonates with people because they have a connection to them as well. I didn't plan it that way, but it's a good way to go because people will always find something personal in it. I'm never going to stop doing pop culture shit, but I wanna get out of that.

"I started putting my art on actual photos after I saw that Rihanna picture with the hands all around her. I love Kaws, man. That shit seems so obvious, but I never seen it until then. I want to do a magazine cover in that style. That's the next step."