During the ‘90s, Lo-Life’s boosted the racks in Macy’s and Bloomingdale's for all the Polo gear, and it was usually a run-in-and-run-out type job that lasted no longer than two minutes. Fast forward to 2012, there's surveillance footage of a Chicago store, Mildblend Supply Co., being mobbed by a bunch of teens. As you can see, they aren’t really pros at doing this sort of thing, as they calmly walk in and rack up the store's clothing. The store employees—four total—didn’t stand a chance against the 20 or so kids, as they received cuts and bruises while trying to prevent the teens from leaving. All in all, the teens got away with $3,000 worth of Naked & Famous and Nudie jeans. Somewhere out there, a ‘Lo head is laughing. Owner Luke Cho put up this video in hopes of catching some of the perps. [thecut]