In4mation, which if you don't know, is Hawaii's premier surf/skate lifestyle brand has been churning out amazing consumer product since 2007. They hold a unique position in the market place, utilizing their location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which many might look at as a disadvantage, to their advantage by offering limited edition product from special places around the world, and also they have an unprecedented 9 collaboration timepieces with watch giant G-Shock. We sat down with one of In4Mation's founders Jun Jo to talk about their latest G-Shock release, the importance of style, and the current state of street wear.

How many collaboration watches are there now in total? We have had 9 collaborations total. For a lot of G-Shock fans out there they might not know but we started with a surf watch which had a bunch of Hawaii surf brands on there. The next one was a laser etched gold and silver data bank and then we jumped head first into the G-Shock brand with our Sea foam, Purple Rain and Salmon as well as the Men’s and Women’s Baby G Battle ship grey , the rasta and now the white templar watch.

What is the story behind this particular watch? The colors and the style? Well G-Shock wanted to introduce a new watch the GLX150X-7 with a bigger face so we decided to keep    this watch a little more clean, more sophisticated look than what we have done before.

How has the collaboration with G-Shock and IN4Mation evolved over the years? I wouldn’t say it evolved too much as G-Shock have always been one of the leaders in the watch game. The evolution maybe from just G-Shock as well as ourselves have been pushing forward with design and technology.

How does G-Shock continue to innovate in a way that relates to your brand and then to your customers? G-Shock has kept pushing out great products which fit right in to what we do at In4m. It fits into how we live and that’s what In4m is all about. We surf, skate, play music, do some art, photography and so on. In4m is a direct product on how we as a group here live and play.

What is next for IN4Mation? We are just going to keep moving forward, keep trying to learn and keep living the way we do. Designs, ideas and products follow it all.

Describe the ideal guy that would wear the G-Shock X IN4Mation watch? One that is comfortable on who they are and how they live.

How does your brand continue to move forward and innovate? We just do and make what we love. Hopefully that translates into innovation. 

What do you think about the state of streetwear? Is it in a good place? Moving forward or taking steps backward? Like anything in life we all are moving forward and growing as brands. Streetwear is evolving into so many things and that’s the beauty of it all. Were all growing as brands and human beings.

What's better being stylish or style-less? To me, even if you’re style-less, you could be considered stylish.