If you're one of those guys who likes to look somewhat put together, but doesn't want that stigma of looking too clean or dressed up, this may be the blazer for you—this blazer's gotta be for someone. The N.Hoolywood jacket in question looks mostly like any other high-end joint, except that it features frayed-pockets in place of the typical flap you'd normally see. The frayed edges give it an almost DIY feel and the chest pocket even has a splash of blue spray paint making it truly reserved for the non-conformist that lives inside all of us (see: our spiritual advisor Nick Wooster). We're also suggesting this jacket for the nearly $1000 discount it's getting on Park & Bond right now. Yup, it's available for a cool $240 bucks. If you ever change your mind at least you won't be burned too badly. There has never been a better deal for the "I want people to question how much my life has gone off the rails these past few months" set.