After the world learned that David Choe is a multi-millionaire from acquiring Facebook stock in 2005 (in exchange for painting Facebook's first office in Palo Alto), he did what any smart person would do — he went on vacation in Hawaii. While there, he decided to paint a wall and document the process, as he has done in the past; however, the owners decided to quickly paint over it. Devastated, Choe wrote some somber words on his Facebook profile, ending in the line, "Nothing lasts forever." This is what else he had to say:

"They tell me aloha means hello and also goodbye , so aloha to this mural it'll be painted over by the end of the day, it got to live and breathe for 72 hours on the corner of pualani kuakini in KONA, no ack cracka jack. No matter how much hate exists for me and my art , it will never overcome how much love is inside me. The spirit of the Hawaiian nation is beautiful and healing and I'm only grateful to the people and for my time here , as axl sings 'nothing lasts forever'."