Written by Amy Linden.

Graffiti might be one of the 5 elements of the culture, but there were scores of writers bombing, tagging and getting their Krylon on way before the true advent of hip-hop. The just published Classic Hits gives the real old school some love. Compiled by former graffiti artists Alan Fleisher and Paul Iovino Classic Hits features rarely seen photos and first hand accounts from pioneers like the late Iz the Wiz, Ale One, Blade, Snake 1, and infamous 70’s wunderkind Taki 183.  Classic Hits is an essential addition to any graffiti geeks’ library.

Likewise these essential titles selected by Dave “Chino” Villorente, artist/historian and co-author of the Piece Book series and Mascots and Mugs, bring the world of graffiti to life and are essential titles in any good art library.

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